Getting quality health care is everyone's issue...

What is "quality health care"? Quality health care helps you stay healthy, helps you recover faster from an illness or injury, and is the kind of care you want for you and your family.

Quality care is care that works, is safe and is tailored for patients.

Everyone who gives, gets or pays for care should care about improving quality. Everyone has a role and can help ensure that the health care provided in Albuquerque is the highest quality. No single person, group or profession can improve the health, the health care provided or the health care system in our community without the support of others.

This website provides resources and information about how everyone can work together to improve the quality of health care in the four-county area* and across New Mexico.

Visit Medical Group Snapshot, a public report on selected clinical areas of performance measures within participating Albuquerque medical groups, to see the most-up-to-date performance measures for these medical groups.

Visit Hospital Snapshot to see the most up-to-date performance measures for Albuquerque hospitals.

*Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia Counties

An initiative of the New Mexico Coalition for Healthcare Quality and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, with additional funding provided by HealthInsight New Mexico